GIDSS is a Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization formed on 31st January 2011, on the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in Ontario, Canada, with a base in India where the movement was started as Critique youth Forum in May 1999. Under the leadership of Dr. R B Singh, Coordinator, it did a grass root research on poverty alleviation programs and socio-economic policy making at provincial and federal level. After a thorough research, its findings highlighted various lacunas in the implementation process and advocated for administrative policy reforms. It had also been running a Women Empowerment Centre to provide entrepreneurial and vocational skills to women (including Stitching, Designing, Sketching, Embroidery, Painting, Computer Designing etc) which aims at creating a Global Network System for Skilled Labour. It also organized a national handicraft Fair where more than 100 not-for-profit organizations from all over the country participated. It had been doing a thorough research on violence against women in the society (Domestic Violence and Rape Victims). With a team of 500 active members, it spread the message of truth and non-violence in the society

Who are we ?

This website is dedicated to the Gandhian philosophy of Truth and non-violence and is part of the GIDSS's efforts to create a violence free society in the world. We condemn all forms of violence and have been working hard for people who are being deprived of their basic human rights. Gidss believe in global networking of resources and then mobilising them from one part of the world to the other, from the place of abundance to the place of need. We believe that the whole world is full of resources as the mother earth has blessed us with abundance. The need of the hour is to come forward and share some of your used/unused resources to others. At one place we are throwing food in the garbage and on the other place people are dying of starvation, at one place clothes are being thrown in waste and on the other people have nothing to wear in the cold, people at one end have lot of resources and wants to donate them and on the other end there are millions of people who could be benefited by those resources We neither lack resources nor the will power to donate them we just lack the proper channel to transfer them.