Supportive Agencies

Critique Youth Forum:
Critique Youth Forum was started in 1998 as a student discussion forum. It organized many national and regional seminars workshops, discussions, and awareness camps. It invites scholars, who are well acknowledged in their area of specialization to come at critique's platform and discuss current issues concerning the society. It was registered in May 1999 as a not-for-profit organization and continued with its mission of educating people about the current problems /issues in the world. It started its women empowerment cell in Year 2000 to impart entrepreneurial and vocational skills to poor and needy women In areas like computers, painting, dress designing, aesthetics etc. With its team of more than 500 active members, it worked for blood donation, AIDS awareness, rural development and drug de-addiction. It supported various self-help groups working in different villages and voiced their concerns to the government. It organized an All India Handy Craft Fair, where more than 100 not-for-profit organizations with their handy craft goods participated. It was financed by CAPART (a federal government funding agency). It spread the message of peace and love by organizing and supporting interfaith dialogues. Under the effective leadership of Kamal Sharma it continues with its mission to work for the welfare of humanity and spread the message of truth and non-violence. 

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With a mission to make every Indian computer literate, Future vision Institutes started its journey in 1998 and is continuously achieving bigger milestones. FVI believes that the modern age is the age of Information technology and we can together help the nation to achieve its goal of making whole India Computer literate. We believe in the networking of resources so that every nook and corner could be provided with an equal access to this upcoming revolution. An ISO 9001-2008 certified agency, it is spreading its tentacles by providing franchises to different urban and rural areas. With a very small investment, a person/agency could be self employed. Thus it is contributing in Gandhian dream of promoting cottage/small scale industry in the country. Very soon, FVI is planning to start a mobile computer literacy campaign and is just looking for more like minded people to help it fulfilling its goal. It is a partner agency with GIPEJ, Canada. It believes in Gandhian Philosophy of Truth and non violence and will support every effort to spread the message of peace and love in the world.

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